BeginnerSongs that have only I, IV, V, and vi chords.
Beginner II◯◯Songs that have only I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords.
IntermediateSongs that have either a 7 chord (i.e., vi7), a vii° chord, or an inversion (i.e., V6 or iii64).
Intermediate II▢▢Songs that have an applied chord (i.e., V/vi) or an inverted 7th chord (i.e., vi42).
AdvancedSongs that have a borrowed chord (i.e., iv) or that have an applied chord and an inverted 7th chord.
Advanced II♢♢Songs with borrowed chords that also have an applied chord or an inverted 7th chord.

◯ Beginner

◯◯ Beginner II

▢ Intermediate

Lean on Me
by Bill Withers
Money For Nothing
by Dire Straits
All My Life
by K-Ci and Jojo
My Feelings For You
by Avicii - Sebastien Drums
Feel Good Inc
by Gorillaz
Harder Better Faster Stronger
by Daft Punk
I Wanna Be Where You Are
by Jackson 5
A horse with No Name
by America
Nothing Left to Say
by Imagine Dragons
by Project 46
She Wolf
by Shakira
When You're Gone
by Avril Lavigne
Buying New Soul
by Porcupine Tree
Fall Hook N Sling Remix
by The Presets
Heart Attack
by One Direction
by The Horrible Crowes
Something Goes Right ft Sampha
The Man Who Can't Be Moved
by The Script
Charlie Brown
by Coldplay
I Chase The Devil
by Max Romeo
Plastic Mind
by ZUN
A Single Many - Shingo Nakamura Remix
by Soundprank
I Know What You Want
by Busta Rhymes -Mariah Carey
The Spiteful Chant
by Kendrick Lamar
Hiding ft The Nicholas
by San Holo
Poker Face
by Lady Gaga
Cut It Out
by 4minute
The Stranger
by Lord Huron
by Christina Aguilera
Leave a Trace
Linda Blair
by Tanya Markova
by Blake Mills
You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me
by Melody's Echo Chamber
2 Become 1
by Spice Girls
by Garbage
Upward Movement
by Homestuck
by The Script
Stay Young
by Oasis
The Best Day Ever
by Spongebob Squarepants
My Happy Ending
by Avril Lavigne
Somewhere a Judge
by Hop Along
Crab Rave
by Noisestorm
Better Now
by Post Malone
When The War Is Over
by Cold Chisel
Land 1 The Witch's House - Cookie Run
by Devsisters
Searching My Life
by Laura Shigihara
Polygon Dust
by Porter Robinson
by C418
Smash Mouth - All Star (In 7 Different Modes)
by Cezar Tortorelli

▢▢ Intermediate II

Mardy Bum
by Arctic Monkeys
Ahora Quien
by Marc Anthony
Let It Be in Minor Key -The Beatles
by Oleg Berg
Pyramid Scheme
by Mat Zo
I Want You Back
by Jackson 5
Two Way Street
by Kimbra
Extends Levant
by HertzDevil
Super Mario Galaxy - Battlerock Galaxy
by Nintendo
Delfino Plaza
by Koji Kondo
by JJ Project
Chao Karate
by Sega
Finished Symphony
by Deadmau5
Sonata no 11 in A major - III 'Rondo Alla Turca'
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mr Willie - BAM
by MelodySheep
Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight
Summer Nights
by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Heavy Light
by Animusic
by Toby Fox
by Tenacious D
Afraid of Heights
by Wavves
by Disasterpeace
by Taeyeon
Cars and Calories
by Saves The Day
This Is What You Came For ft Rihanna
by Calvin Harris
Let Me Hold You - Turn Me On
by Cheat Codes and Dante Klein
Django Unchained Theme
by Luis Bacalov
by Green Day
All the Years
by Beach House
Where You Lead
by Carole King
by Lost Tribe
by Kinoku Teikoku
by TLC
Pseudologia Fantastica
by Foster the People
Ready to Go
by Republica
by A G Cook
On Another Ocean January June
by Fleet Foxes
Dance Like You Mean It
by Airplane Mode
by Mariah Carey
Cheer Up
by Twice
Magnus's Theme - Kid Icarus Uprising
by Yuzo Koshiro
Zatra Anao
by Tiana
Hot Food - Noice
by Finn M-K
Freaking Out
by Mystery Skulls
Good Night
by Dreamcatcher
Golden Days
by Panic at the Disco
7 Seconds ft Neneh Cherry
by Youssou N Dour
Sonata in D minor - II 'Giga'
by Carlos De Seixas
And I'll See You No More
by The Stylistics
by Nickieboy
by Laura Shigihara

♢ Advanced

Rock Your Body
by Justin Timberlake
The Final Countdown
by Europe
by Muse
Hunger Games Theme - Preparing the Chariots
by James Newton Howard
My Soul Your Beats
by Angel Beats
by Elliott Smith
Gentle Annie
by Stephen C Foster
Acidjazzed Evening
by Tempest
A God That Loves People - Romantic Fall
by ZUN
Piano Sonata No 8 ''Pathetique'' - 1st Movement
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Big Shot
by Billy Joel
Yuukei Yesterday
by Shizen-no-Teki-P Jin LiSA
Nocturne 1 in Bb minor
by Frederic Chopin
KURENAI - Night Wizard OP
by Ui Miyazaki
Link to the Past - Minigame Theme
by Koji Kondo
Don't Forget Me
by Girl's Day
Marbles III
by Marillion
The Facts
by AFTA-1
by Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge
Ghost House - Super Mario 3D World
by Nintendo
The Princess That Was Erased From History
by Wan Wan
Bad News and Bad Breaks
by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Morning Morgantown
by Joni Mitchell
430 am
by Mitacoffee
Secret Heart
by Feist
You Still Believe In Me
by The Beach Boys
Zoolander the Musical
by Schmoyoho
Verklarte Nacht - Sehr Breit Und Langsam
by Arnold Schoenberg
Belong To The City
This Is The Way
by E-Type
TATA DoCoMo Signature Tune
by Tata DOCOMO
Sad Machine Cosmo's Midnight Remix
by Porter Robinson
Sonic 06 - Kingdom Valley - Water
by Sega
Shiny - Moana
by Disney
by LO Hess
by LazyTown
Dusk Till Dawn
by Ladyhawke
Beg For It
by Iggy Azalea
Just the Two of Us
by Grover Washington Jr and Bill Withers
I Wanna Love You Forever
by Jessica Simpson
Nichijou OST - Sabishikute Sukoshi Setsunai Toki
by Nomi Yuuji
Big Enough
by Kirin J Callinan
Jump Into The Fog
by The Wombats
Everybody Shut Up (I Have An Erection)
by Ninja Sex Party
Tornado Defense - 1st Battle
by Sega
Battle III - Octopath Traveler
by Yasunori Nishiki
Introduction to the Snow
by Miracle Musical
Kai Tangata
by Alien Weaponry
Steven Universe Future Intro
by Steven Universe
by Animal Collective

♢♢ Advanced II

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme
by Chuck Lorre
Fantastic Voyage
by David Bowie
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
by The Beatles
Bridge over Troubled Water
by Simon and Garfunkel
Kiss From A Rose
by Seal
Cascade of the Seven Waterfalls
by Azymuth
Russian Dance 'Trepak'
by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
The Cheetahmen
by Mario Gonzalez
I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart
by The White Stripes
Please Don't Shoot the Trombone Players
by Andy Clark
Cheat Codes
by Nitro Fun
by Danny Baranowsky
Combat Mecha Xabungle - Blue Flash
by Koji Makaino
Metroid - Ending
by Hirokazu Tanaka
by Girls' Generation
Time is Changing
by Tomohito Nishiura
The Wall Street Shuffle
by 10cc
Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Space Runaway Ideon - Cantata Orbis
by Koichi Sugiyama
Super Soaker
by Wavves
Little Nemo Dream Master - Mushroom Forest
by Junko Tamiya
The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood
by ZUN
by Teen Top
by Big Data
Rocket Knight Adventures - Boss
by Konami
Morning In The Moonlight
by Saves The Day
Hate This And I'll Love You
by Muse
Don't Say You Love Me
by M2M
Virus Alert
by Weird Al Yankovic
Toothpaste Kisses
by The Maccabees
Reflections Are Protection
by La Roux
by Bread
Secondary Dominants Song
by David Newman
Feelin' Stronger Every Day
by Chicago
Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist
by ZUN
Final Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
by Sega
Mayday ft Laura Brehm
by TheFatRat
Life on the Dancefloor
by Seal
Let's Only Think About Love - Steven Universe
by Rebecca Sugar
Pokemon Black and White - Musical Hall
by Shota Kageyama
Every Single Day
Efa Nofiko
by Lova Rakoto and Balita Marvin
Snailchan Adventure
by Snail's House
Miracle Matter - Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
by Nintendo
Lost Palace - Team Sonic Racing
by Sega
Empire Today Jingle
by Empire Today
One Man Band
by Lucas The Spider
Yakety Sax
by James Rich and Boots Randolph
by Microsoft