BeginnerSongs that have only I, IV, V, and vi chords.
Beginner II◯◯Songs that have only I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords.
IntermediateSongs that have either a 7 chord (i.e., vi7), a vii° chord, or an inversion (i.e., V6 or iii64).
Intermediate II▢▢Songs that have an applied chord (i.e., V/vi) or an inverted 7th chord (i.e., vi42).
AdvancedSongs that have a borrowed chord (i.e., iv) or that have an applied chord and an inverted 7th chord.
Advanced II♢♢Songs with borrowed chords that also have an applied chord or an inverted 7th chord.

◯ Beginner

◯◯ Beginner II

The Night Out - Madeon Remix
by Martin Solveig
My My My
by GG feat Gary Wright and Baby Brown
Thor's Hammer
by Dobu Usagi
Don't Stop Being Crazy
by Helloween
Harvest of Sorrow
by Blind Guardian
Sugar Rush
by nanobii
Knowing Me Knowing You
Take Me Home
by Cash Cash ft Bebe Rexha
Just A Friend
by Biz Markie
Mega Man X - Flame Mammoth
by Capcom
Fresh Static Snow
by Porter Robinson
Prayer In C - Robin Schulz Remix
by Lilly Wood and The Prick
by Fall Of Troy
by London Grammar
Too Many Cooks Theme Song
by Adult Swim
Corazon Mentiroso
by Karina
Apologies for the Rain
by Nathan Ford
Acoustic Curves
by Animusic
The Sound of Settling
by Death Cab For Cutie
Sangatsu kokonoka
by Remioromen
On My Way
by Axwell and Ingrosso
Pills N Potions
by Nicki Minaj
by Justin Timberlake
Surpass the Gate of the Silver Key
by Wan Wan
Colourless Colour
by La Roux
Ten Feet Tall
by Afrojack
Wish I Had An Angel
by Nightwish
Oh No
by Marina and the Diamonds
Viva Forever
by Spice Girls
Knights of Cydonia
by Muse
Big Freeze
by Muse
by Richard Harvey
by Seal
Cardiac Arrest
by Bad Suns
Stars Are Blind
by Paris Hilton
Two Towers
by Michal Cielecki
Havoc In The Forum
by This Town Needs Guns
by Portishead
If My Heart Was A House
by Owl City
by Imagine Dragons
by Muse
Femmebot ft Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco
by Charli XCX
Sonic Underground Theme
by Robbie London and Mike Piccirillo
Flame Trees
by Cold Chisel
SSBU - Bomb Rush Blush
by Nintendo
Victory Road - Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
by Go Ichinose
Valentine's Day
by David Bowie
Something More
by Sugarland
Windows XP Installation Music
by Microsoft

▢ Intermediate

I Saw The Light
by Todd Rundgren
I Can't Make You Love Me
by Bonnie Raitt
Les Iris
by Alcest
All of Me
by John Legend
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Icarus Theme
by Michael McCann
In My Arms
by Kylie Minogue
Start of Something New
by High School Musical
by Regina Spektor
Mega Man Zero 4 - Promise - Next New World -
by Luna Umegaki
His Cheeseburger
by Veggie Tales
Style (Taylor's Version)
by Taylor Swift
Let's Go
by Girl's Day
Something's Wrong
by myuu
Blank Space Remix
by Jump Smokers
by Aphex Twin
by Robbie Williams
Chasing Clouds Away
by Disfunktion
At The Bottom
by Brand New
I Like to Move It
by Reel 2 Real
Steven And The Crystal Gems
by Jeff Liu
SpongeBob SquarePants Theme
by Spongebob Squarepants
Where We Were
by Pierce Fulton and Polina
I Know What You Want
by Busta Rhymes -Mariah Carey
Burden Of Tomorrow
by The Tallest Man On Earth
Super Mario 64 Snow Mountain
by Koji Kondo
Hey QT
by QT
Kites Are Fun
by The Free Design
Ayano's Theory of Happiness
by Jin
by Madeon
Have A Little Faith
by John Hiatt
Over You
by soupandreas
New Year
by Beach House
Living My Life
by Deerhunter
by Garbage
by iamamiwhoami
More More More
by Andrea True Connection
by Dropgun
by Akagami feat COCOROBO
by This Town Needs Guns
So Yesterday
by Hilary Duff
Big Enough
by Kirin J Callinan
Culling Of The Fold
by The Decemberists
by Ed Sheeran
Call It What You Want
by Taylor Swift
Better Now
by Post Malone
Opposites Attract
by Paula Abdul
Far Away
by Tristam and Braken
In the Flowers
by Animal Collective
Since I Left You
by The Avalanches
With A Whimper
by Josh Woodward

▢▢ Intermediate II

When I Was Your Man
by Bruno Mars
I See You - Avatar
by Leona Lewis
Hey Ya
by Outkast
Joy to the World - Christmas
by Casting Crowns
Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17
by ZUN
Anomaly - Becoming Superluminal
by Matt ''Norrin Radd'' Creamer
by Empire Of The Sun
by Shogo Sakai
Paranoia in B Flat Major
by The Avett Brothers
My Own Worst Enemy
by Lit
All for Leyna
by Billy Joel
Code Monkey
by Jonathan Coulton
God Save the Queen
by Henry Carey
Just Fine
by Michael Corcoran
Feel So Close
by Calvin Harris
Everything At Once
by Lenka
Sky's The Limit
by Notorious BIG
Hotel California
by Eagles
Super Turrican
by Chris Huelsbeck
The Sun Always Shines On TV
by A-ha
No Place Like Home
by The Aston Shuffle
Dolls in Pseudo Paradise - Eternal Shrine Maiden
by ZUN
Spice Up Your Life
by Spice Girls
Oh No
by Marina and the Diamonds
by glue70
All The Man That I Need
by Whitney Houston
Here Comes A Thought
by Rebecca Sugar
by Fitz and the Tantrums
by Green Day
Only Shallow
by My Bloody Valentine
The Sign
by Ace Of Base
Wake Up
by Grant
Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai
by Yoko Hikasa
Avril 14th
by Aphex Twin
Friend Like Me - Aladdin
by Disney
by Queen
Song of Healing - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
by Koji Kondo
So Yesterday
by Hilary Duff
Symphony 3 Movement III Poco allegretto
by Johannes Brahms
Touch-A Touch Me from Rocky Horror Picture Show
by Susan Sarandon
Lose Your Mind
by Beach House
Ending - Pokemon Black and White
by Shota Kageyama
The Ballad of Mona Lisa
by Panic At The Disco
I'm My Own Grandpa
by Dwight Latham
Mega Man 9 - Tornado Man Stage
by Capcom
Fly Me to the Moon
by Frank Sinatra
One Last Song
by Sam Smith
by Post Malone
Holiday In Cambodia
by Dead Kennedys

♢ Advanced

Enter Sandman
by Metallica
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Green Day
by I love your smile
Somebody To Love
by Queen
The Caves of Altamira
by Steely Dan
Star Trek Ilia's Theme
by Jerry Goldsmith
El Sonidito
by Hechizeros Band
Wreck It Wreck-It Ralph
by Buckner and Garcia
For River - Piano - Johnny's Version
by To The Moon
Dreaming in Stereo - Under The Moon
by Michael Walthius
Vs Brendan and May
by Game Freak
Never Had A Dream Come True
by S Club 7
by D-Crew
All Night Low
by Violens
Once Again
by Tristam
by Savant
Course Intro
by Nintendo
You Should've Gone To School
by BC Camplight
Squid Kid
by Nintendo
Love Me
by Jess Glynne
Opening Band
by Paul and Storm
Persona 4 Golden - Snowflakes
by Shoji Meguro
What The Forest Taught Me
by Hiroki Kikuta
The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
by Stephen Sondheim
Hearthome City
by Game Freak
Mischievous Function - Ochame kinou
by Gojimaji-P
Hey Princess
by Allstar Weekend
Glory Box
by Portishead
Sea Calls Me Home
by Julia Holter
Human Turbines
by Edu and Cramp
Moon Surface
by Tomoyoshi Sato
Yanggakdo Hotel ft Camille Harla
by Eugene the Oceanographer
Cross My Heart
by Melody's Echo Chamber
by Bread
Jurassic Park - Main Theme
by John Williams
by Scott Walker
Baseball Training - Wii Sports
by Nintendo
by Metronomy
Soaring Dreams - Pokemon ORAS
by Shota Kageyama
Dark Spring
by Beach House
Beginning of a Journey-Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
by Nintendo
Flap Off You Beak
by Cardiacs
Visions of Someone Special on a Wall of Reflection
by Melody's Echo Chamber
You Suffer
by Napalm Death
Chasing Daybreak
by Takeru Kanazaki (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Chocolate and Mint
by Duster
by Bela Bartok
by Kevin MacLeod
Mr Bean's Holiday Main Theme
by Howard Goodall

♢♢ Advanced II

Dark Side
by Kelly Clarkson
by The Beatles
Space Dementia
by Muse
Ordinary World
by Duran Duran
by Andrew York
The Tiger-Patterned Vaisravana
by ZUN
Start of Something New
by High School Musical
Cheat Codes
by Nitro Fun
by Massive Attack
Bog Je Srbin I On Ce Nas Cuvati
by Serbian soldiers
Gundam Side Story The Blue Destiny - THE FRONT
by Takehiro Hasegama
Castlevania AoS Forgotten Garden
by Michiru Yamane
Stardust Witch Meruru - Meteo Impact
by Yukari Tamura
The Fighter
by In This Moment
Violet City
by Game Freak
Fukkatsu no Ideon
by Isao Taira
Guess Who
by Alabama Shakes
Ghost House - Super Mario 3D World
by Nintendo
by Noriko Matsueda
Shovel Knight - The Fateful Return
by Jake Kaufman
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
by The Beatles
Heaven Only Knows
by Towkio Chance The Rapper Lido
by Michael Jackson
Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
by Noriyuki Iwadare
Garden of Dreams - Dawn
by The Flower Kings
Great Moves Keep It Up
by Echorobot
Where Did Our Love Go
by The Supremes
United States Of Eurasia
by Muse
For Better Or Worse - Regret
by Nathan Ford
Different Worlds - Theme From Angie
by Maureen McGovern
Song From A Secret Garden
by Secret Garden
by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
The People's Tune
by Derek Brown
Kass' Theme - Zelda Breath of the Wild
by Nintendo
Sally's Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas
by Catherine O'Hara - Danny Elfman
Phantom Hourglass- Inside A House
by Hidemaro Fujibayashi
Lorian and Lothric
by Yuka Kitamura
Death By Glamour
by Toby Fox
I am the Resurrection
by The Stone Roses
by Madonna
Pokemon Black and White - Musical Hall
by Shota Kageyama
Fighting Gold
by Toshiyuki Ohmori
Same Old Lang Syne
by Dan Fogelberg
Snailchan Adventure
by Snail's House
Pixel Galaxy
by Snail's House
Stuck On You
by Failure
by Post Malone
Other Friends - Steven Universe
by Rebecca Sugar
Smash Mouth - All Star (English Madrigal)
by Hal Leonard Choral
New Super Mario Bros Overworld Versus
by Nintendo