Hooktheory Stories

Crafting a Sonic Universe: Keith's Hooktheory Journey
Meet Keith Hayden, a digital creator turned composer. We chatted with him about his inspiring musical journey and how music theory and Hookpad transformed him from a sci-fi author to a masterful composer.
How Bryant Wrote 100 Songs in 100 Days
Discover how top-liner Bryant Powell uses Hookpad to find inspiration and create great music at scale.
How Logan Accesses Musical Inspiration with Hookpad
Logan Grimé is a musician from Los Angeles, California. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his musical journey and how he's used Hooktheory throughout his process.
How Ezra Used Hooktheory to Teach Producers
We recently sat down with Ezra Sandzer-Bell - music theory instructor, software developer, and founder of AudioCipher - to learn more about his journey as a musical adventurer.
How Dev Lemons Became a Self-Taught Artist and Educator
Dev Lemons discusses her journey as an artist and entertainer, and how she's used Hooktheory along the way.
How Emerald Wrote a Musical using Hookpad
When Emerald Pham, a longtime user and active member of our forum let us know she'd used Hookpad to write a musical for her college thesis, we knew we had to hear her entire story.