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hushyenjoyer0158 (Bridge) i placed the chord stabs over the background chords, which alternate between E5(no3) and E5(sus2) in the first bar of each loop.
2 hours ago on Bathtub Wine Barf Homocide Fantasy by 4lung
hushyenjoyer0158 (Verse) part of previous and next sections included to include entire vocal line
2 hours ago on Bathtub Wine Barf Homocide Fantasy by 4lung
Haapsalu (Intro) This is NOT an easy melody to transcribe for sure
13 hours ago on Sweeper by Jacknjellify
Haapsalu (Verse) The chord at the end is a bit iffy but otherwise I think this nails it
14 hours ago on Sweeper by Jacknjellify
ddd044hhb288 (Pre-Chorus) These chords simulate the dissonant sounds made by a guitar.
21 hours ago on Gigantic by Pixies
hugomorganti (Chorus Lead-Out) This section is fun as it is jaunty and playful while being rhythmically complex.
23 hours ago on Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey by Paul McCartney
Quentin136 (Bridge) more accurately described as the second verse. same chord progression as the first verse, but now in C major instead of A major
Yesterday on Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter
YoMama1999 (Chorus Lead-Out) Ming-Ming the serious duckling!
Yesterday on This Is Sewious by Ming-Ming
Quentin136 (Verse) first try, without the chord video
Yesterday on Lovesick by Laufey
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