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jackscores01 (Chorus) Chorus. I tried my best with the note timing.
17 hours ago on Space Between by Sia
abella (Verse) A lot of ways you could analyze the second part.
3 days ago on Corner of the Sky by Pippin (New Broadway Cast)
Runic (Bridge) I tried to figure out the key changes by ear, it's pretty confusing. It sounded like this whole section was just between 4 different keys [ ... ]
3 days ago on Flash Delirium by MGMT
Artman (Verse) The tonality of this song is not obvious. C is definitely emphasized the most, but at times it sounds like the song wants to resolve to G [ ... ]
4 days ago on Together Alone by Crowded House
kimdavis7000 (Chorus) I would argue this is actually alternating between E and C# as the tonic, but I have to pick one to submit...
4 days ago on SOS by Fuyuko Mayuzumi
Valentyne (Chorus) Unbelievable that no one has submitted a song by this great artist on HT so far! :/
5 days ago on Pruebamelo by Gloria Trevi
Valentyne (Instrumental) The most desperating song in this game.
5 days ago on Don Doko Don NES FC - Hurry Up by Yasuko Yamada
Dr_Jackhammer (Chorus) Too complex harmony for free hookpad (and me), so labels/key might be not represented in the best way
6 days ago on Akrillic by Tim Follin
eez (Intro) The second to last bar is weird. The upper voices play a G+ and Gm chords i guess but I didn't include the chromatic bass bc it gets messy
January 19 at 1:38 am on Piano Concerto No 3 in D Minor Op 30 - Mvt 1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff
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