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Hooktheory Classroom

To use Hooktheory in the classroom, we highly recommend Hooktheory Classroom, our COPPA-compliant technology suite designed to help you teach music and songwriting in ways that keep students engaged, excited, and inspired.

Hooktheory Classroom gives your students access to our online music theory and songwriting book, Hooktheory I, our online musical sketchpad, Hookpad, and gives you the power to create engaging digital music theory and songwriting assignments using Assessment Kit.

Learn about Hooktheory Classroom

If you are not interested in Hooktheory Classroom but still need a way for your students under the age of 13 to create an account, please email your name, username, school name, and school address to We will send you a code your students can use to create accounts without an email address. It is a violation of Hooktheory's Terms of Service for a student under the age of 13 to create an account without their instructor first contacting us and consenting to our collection of limited personal information from the student, as described in our COPPA Policy.