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Chord Crush on iPhone 12 Mini
Exercises at your skill level through your entire journey from beginner to advanced. Chord Crush’s adaptive ELO system serves you exactly what you need.
Learn the most popular and relevant chords/progressions from the last seven decades. All Chord Crush exercises come from real songs in the TheoryTab database.
Develop mature aural and neural connections with instrument arrangements that challenge you in various sonic contexts. You are better than simple midi piano arrangements!
Wire your musical brain the most powerful way with Hooktheory’s functional harmony, relative notation, and colored chords.
Easy to use. Exercises auto-load and auto play. Rapid fire training. Progress tracking and scoreboards. Intuitive drag and drop interface.
No daily limits on training and rush
Billed Annually
Cancel Anytime
Chord Crush on iPhone 12 Mini
All the benefits of Standard, and:
Train exactly how you want to with customizable exercise sets based on chord category (triads, inversions, sus, adds, etc.), or specific chords.
Unlock personalized training sets that our algorithms create for you that target the chords and chord combinations that you have the most trouble with. It's the perfect way of focusing on your blind spots to make your ear well-rounded and complete.